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The city doesn't supply it. And it certainly doesn't come from a well. If you're not getting it, calcium and magnesium are spotting your dishes and glassware, wasting your detergent and soap, and slowly doing damage throughout your home.

Elgin gives you the water you want™. Softened water for washing dishes, clothes, and yourself. And pure, delicious reverse osmosis water for drinking and cooking.

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Property developers like Duke Realty Corporation trust Elgin to protect their investment in plumbing fixtures and water-using machinery.

The water you want
™ for your own commercial property is softened water, delivered by reliable equipment at the right capacity.

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Coca-Cola, ConAgra, Roche Diagnostics. Major manufacturers choose softened and reverse osmosis water by Elgin to process food, drugs, and other sensitive products.

The water you want
™ for your own facility supports consistent processes while protecting your valuable equipment.

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You want pure, delicious reverse osmosis water on tap for drinking and cooking!

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You want ultra-high-grade salt delivered into your softener!

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